St Nicholas News & Events



The NOTES are in the form of a DL sized leaflet published monthly and available in the church in hard copy format. They contain all the current parish information and items of current interest about the parish and the church. To obtain the Current and last month’s Notes click HERE


It is recognised that members of the community of St Nicholas’ may not be able to attend every Sunday service and may therefore miss important church related information given in the Notices during the service. So that people do not miss this information the Church Notices are circulated weekly by the PCC Secretary via e-mail to those on the St Nicholas’ e-mail list . The St Nichols Notes (see above) are also circulated in the same way on a monthly basis.

If you wish to have your name added to these circulations please contact Maura Carr at


Throughout the year the Social Committee organise a series of events. These fall into two categories. Firstly social/fun events designed purely to enhance the community of St Nicholas’; these events, including for example the Harvest Supper and the January Informal Dinner, are ticketed at cost, Secondly larger events are run to spread the awareness of the church in the local community and to raise funds to enable the church to continue to exist; these events include Concerts, Talks and of course most importantly the annual Riverside Fair on the last Saturday of June.

Details of forthcoming and recent events are available Click HERE

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