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St Mark's Community Events

St Mark's Church Community Use

St Mark's Church is now available for use by all community groups and clubs on an hourly basis. It is an ideal location for all forms of activities from small groups to large concerts.

For more details please contact June Grieson

St Mark's Church is proud to announce that they will be attending Bourne End Community Market and selling Bric-a-Brac on the stall. BECM is held at the end of Wakeman Road, Bourne End on the second Saturday of every month.

A free film for the use of Churches, Bible study and Prayer groups, based on 'The Wartime Miracles Leaflet' has now been turned into a free film, ideal for encouraging congregations in these frightening times. It shows that in spite of human freewill, there is an overruling Divine Providence we can trust. A National Day of Prayer, pleading for Divine Intervention was held in May 1940, when Nazi Germany was about to destroy the British Army and invade the UK. Two days later the English Channel became as calm as a millpond enabling tiny boats to rescue 333,000 soldiers and bring deliverance from invasion. Such a calm hadn't been seen for a generation. It is a dramatic example of answered prayer.

This short ten minute film explains exactly what happened and is circulating around churches to give people hope. This is an inspirational witness worth sharing widely and it can be easily circulated via email, text, WhatsApp and on Facebook. Please prayerfully share it with others to strengthen their faith.

The film can be viewed either by clicking on the link below OR if you would prefer not to use the link, by going on to YouTube and searching for "A Dramatic Answer to Prayer. The Miracle of Dunkirk"

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